Tehran Centre


Petrochemical Research and Technology Company (NPC-RT Company) comprises three centers i.e. Tehran centre, Arak centre and Special Zone centre. Tehran centre is responsible for implementation of fundamental projects in order to develop the prioritized know-how and products. This centre is subdivided into Technical, Polymer, Process technology, Catalyst, Modern technology and Chemical technology &Product development research groups as well as Engineering & development departments.

The technical research group including Corrosion research team, Energy and industrial waters research team, Electric and instrument research team and Mechanical research team mainly focuses on Implementation of prioritized projects with respect to requests of petrochemical industry.

The polymer research group conducts fundamental research in the field of polymer specifically poly olefin processes and Ziegler-Natta catalysts. The process technology research group chiefly focuses on formulation of olefin, DME, PDH, PVM, EO, Ammonia , acetic acid and … know-how and cooperation with petrochemical complexes aiming to solve their process problems. The catalyst research group has been doing extensive research on PVM, dehydrogenation, Methanol … catalysts.

The chemical technology &product development department is active in giving services to the customers of NPC, providing technical data, customer satisfaction, production and development of petrochemical product applications.

Using the expertise of in-house researchers and experts as well as the potential, experience and effort of its active staff, the engineering department has taken the responsibility of design, fabrication and commissioning of research set-ups and pilot plants required by NPC-RT Company and universities and also preparing process design package (PDP) for achieved know-how and achieved remarkable accomplishments in design and fabrication meeting international standards.

Creating the required infrastructure the Modern technology group is conducting various projects on membrane, Nano and biotechnologies. This centre is taking advantage of 10 equipped and unique laboratories which are of reference laboratories in Iran. 

Being located around Tehran in the vicinity of reputable universities and research centers, the presence of knowledgeable experts in this centre and the utilization of state-of-the-art equipment have been facilitated. In the one hand the tireless effort made by the staff and in the other hand the software and hardware potential are going to make NPC-RT Company one of the most reputable and efficient industrial research centers in the region and around the world in close future.

Last Update : Aug 6, 2014 11:28