Industrial Water and wastewater treatment research team (IWWT-R&T)

Nowadays, important challenges that face of all industries are supplying of industrial water and managing the produced wastewaters. Petrochemical industry is the most important source of water consumption and wastewater production in large quantity. Due to the increasing presence of refractory pollutants in the petrochemical wastewater streams, the increasing severe regulations for waste disposal and the increasing water demand, the conventional methods cannot be used for complete treatment of the effluent and hence, introduction of newer technologies has become imperative. Thus, to research and develop new or more efficient water and wastewater treatment technologies in petrochemical industries, High Technology Research Group has established a research team entitle “Industrial water and wastewater treatment” to pursuit research activities on the new treatment technologies, processes and applicable in petrochemical industries. Possessing a well-equipped laboratory, the team cooperates with other research teams in the group (i.e. biotechnology, membrane research teams, etc.) as well as other research centers in the near future, besides offering water and wastewater treatment-specific research activities.

Overall goals and activities
1. Establishing the necessary infrastructure to research and develop new imperative technologies in water and wastewater treatment systems in Iranian petrochemical industries.
2. Comprehensive Investigation of conventional and modern methods on the water and wastewater treatment systems with purpose to introduce new methods those are more efficient.
3. Identify problems of treatment systems, which are presence in petrochemical complexes and define the related research projects.
4. Cooperating with other research teams to investigate and develop new hybrid methods in water and wastewater treatment.

1. Design and construction of modern laboratory and water and wastewater treatment facilities (setups and pilots).
2. Training the employee to expert in this area
3. Study the modern technologies in reusing wastewater streams.
4. Research and develop electrochemical treatment (E-treatment) methods
5. Research and develop imperative advanced oxidation (AOP) methods in water and wastewater treatment systems.
6. Investigate the possibility of conjunction of other treatment methods like membrane / biological methods with E-treatment and AOP.

After formation of water and wastewater, research teams the well-equipped laboratory established in “Tehran Center” complex of NPC-R&T. This lab can offer laboratorial services in near future for all research projects in this field.
To reach to the defined goals of IWWT-R&T team, a program has been scheduled to design and build some setups and pilots in this center. Some of these setups and pilots are as below:
1- Electrochemical treatment setup
2- Advanced oxidation treatment setup
3- Biological treatment setup (aerobic)
4- Biological treatment setup (anaerobic)
5- Pilots of these named setups (these pilots will design and build after obtaining successful results of their setups)

Among the named setups, electrochemical treatment setup is now designed and built. Several chemical and electrochemical methods can be studied in this setup such as:
1- Chemical coagulation
2- Electrochemical coagulation
3- Electfloatation 
4- Electrocoagulation-floatation
5- Chemical - Fenton 
6- Electro-Fenton
7- Electro-oxidation
8- Some other hybrid methods with combination of electrochemical method
Water and wastewater laboratory
After formation of water and wastewater, team the well-equipped laboratory established in “Tehran Center” complex of NPC-R&T. The purpose of foundation of this center is to provide laboratorial services to Petrochemical, Oil and Gas industries. This lab is ready in near future and able to offer its special services. The list of equipments and some services, which can provide in this lab, are present as below:

2. pH meter (Bench and portable)
3. Turbid meter (Bench and portable)
4. Do meter (Bench and portable)
5. Conduct meter (Bench and portable)
6. BOD  Incubator
7. COD  thermometer
8. Centrifuge 15000 rpm
9. Sludge Cone
10. Jar test system (6 jars)
11. Refrigerator-freezer
12. Autoclave
13. Oven
14. Double beam spectrophotometer (Hack)
15. Balance (Accuracy: 0.0001 gr)
16. Water bath circulation
17. Hot plate stirrer
18. Sampler (0.5 to 1000 µl)
19. Deionizer  
20. Vacuum pumps
21. Multi purpose wastewater treatment setup (Chemical and Electrochemical).

Techniques and services
1. Water and wastewater physical characterization tests like pH, Turbid, Tem, Conduct, Do, 
2. Water and wastewater chemical characterization tests like BOD, COD, HPLC
3. Sludge volume 
4. Liquid spectrophotometer
5. Liquid-solid separation
6. Jar tests
7. Chemical coagulation tests
8. Electrochemical tests
9. Fenton and E-Fenton tests

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