Pervaporation and Vapor Permeation (PV & VP) research team

Liquid and vapor separation by thermal processes has always been highly energy intensive and new separation processes taking advantage of mass transfer through dense membranes have already shown they enable very significant energy savings as compared to more classic technologies (e.g. distillation, etc.). Amongst these processes, pervaporation (PV) and vapor permeation (VP) are very promising and in addition to their interesting energetic aspects, they are becoming key technologies for azeotropic separation and the recovery of (high added value) dilute species from water or air. The PV is a membrane separation process involving the partial vaporisation of a liquid mixture through a dense membrane whose downstream side is usually kept under vacuum. A closely related process is VP where the mixture to be separated is in the vapor state. They can also be considered as so-called ‘clean technologies’, especially well suited for the treatment and recycling of volatile organic compounds and pollution prevention. 
Thus, to research and develop new membranes and separation methods in petrochemical industries, Novel Technologies Research Group established a research team entitle “Pervaporation and Vapor Permeation (PV & VP) research team” to pursuit research activities on these areas, processes and applicable in petrochemical industries.
Overall goals and activities
1. Establishing the necessary infrastructure to research and develop new imperative technologies in PV & VP systems;
2. Comprehensive Investigation of conventional and modern methods to investigate some more effective methods
3. Introduce the level of knowledge in these areas
4. Identify problems of industrial and petrochemical complexes, and define related research projects to solve them;
5. Data bank making from research institutes and universities
6. Cooperation with research institute, petrochemical complexes and universities
7. Energy saving by replacing common processes with PV & VP processes;
8. Recovery of high cost materials which cannot be recovered in common processes;
PV & VP as the most well-known membrane processes for the separation of liquid and vapor mixtures allow a variety of possible application. Our priorities in this are as below: 
1. Preparation of polymeric membranes which used in PV & VP processes in Laboratory and pilot scale;
2. Design and construction of modules in this area;
3. Dewatering of organic fluids like alcohols, ketones, ethers etc.;
4. Separation of mixtures from narrow boiling temperatures to constant (azeotrope) boiling temperatures;
5. Removal of organic pollutants from water and air streams;
6. Separation of fermentation products;
7. Separation of organic-organic liquid mixtures.
*Setup and Pilot
To reach to above goals PV setup and PV Pilot have been prepared in this research group. 

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