Biotechnology Research team

In order to develop biotechnology applications in petrochemical industries, High Technology Research Group has established the “biotechnology center” and a biotechnology research team to pursuit research activities on biological processes and technologies applicable in petrochemical industries. Possessing a well-equipped laboratory, the team cooperates with other research teams in the group (i.e. membrane, water and wastewater treatment research teams, etc.) as well as other research centers in the near future, besides offering biotechnology-specific research activities. The biotechnology research team by establishing a petrochemical industry-specific microbial bank will supply the industry with one of the most important tools in biotechnology research activities, i.e. native, special purpose and manipulated microorganisms with specific potentials in petrochemical industries. 
Overall goals and activities
1. Establishing the infrastructure necessary to develop biotechnology-based know-how in Iranian petrochemical industries.
2. Run biotechnology oriented projects required by petrochemical industry.
3. Conducting feasibility studies on biotechnology techniques to remove environmental pollutions.
4. Cooperative technology development in conjunction to membrane and wastewater treatment research teams.
5. Opening new windows to diversify petrochemical products.

1. Establishing a specific-purpose microbial bank
2. Applying bio and phytoremediation to remove environmental pollutions
3. Design and constructing modern laboratory and pilot-scale biological wastewater treatment facilities
4. Cooperative research on membrane bioreactor microbiology and processes in conjunction to other research teams
5. Identifying and managing biofouling phenomena in membranes, tubes, surfaces, etc.
6. Biological influenced corrosion management
7. Research on biosorption phenomena to recycle precious heavy metals from waste catalyst streams
8. Pilot-scale production of biodegradable polymers

The biotechnology research team will offer research services relying on a well-equipped laboratory established in “Tehran Center” complex of NPC-rt.

Biotechnology laboratory
Considering the importance of bio-based technologies in petrochemical industries in one hand, and ignorance about this field of technologies in the industry on the other hand, establishing biotechnology research centers seems to be necessary for the industry. Biotechnology laboratory in NPC-rt is established to offer research services to petrochemical industries (and other sectors of oil and gas industry in the near future). A range of bio-based technologies will enjoy the biotechnology laboratory services including environmental pollution removal, environmental friendly products, valuable material recycling, corrosion protection, natural gas, oil and oil cuts upgrading, etc.

Techniques and services 
1. Quantitative and qualitative determination of microorganisms in biological samples
2. Environmental monitoring
3. Total aerobic plate count
4. Anaerobic plate count
5. Fungal plate count
6. Identification of Microorganisms through analysis of 16S & 23S rDNA sequences 
7. Bacterial sub-species identification
8. Long-term maintenance of microorganisms and Freeze-drying
9. Evaluation of bioindicators
10. Biological contamination determination
11. Sterility testing
12. Fermentation
13. Protein expression and purification
14. Protein identification by electrophoresis and immunodetection
15. Biochemical and thermodynamic characterization of the enzymes
16. Structural study of proteins
17. Protein engineering

1. Refrigerated shaker incubator
2. Refrigerated incubator
3. Force air circulated oven
4. Freeze dryer (16 Kg)
5. Refrigerated water bath circulator
6. Electrophoresis system
7. PCR device (Polymerase Chain Reaction device)
8. Real Time PCR
9. Fermentor (10L)
10. Optical microscope (100x)
11. Ultra freezer (-80 oC)
12. Refrigerated centrifuge (15000 rpm)
13. pH meter (Accuracy: 0.001)
14. Balance (Accuracy: 0.0001 gr)
15. Hot plate stirrer
16. Jar test system (6 stirrers)
17. Digital colony counter
18. Autoclave
19. anaerobic environment simulation system
20. Orbital shaker
21. humidity incubator
22. Gel documentation system
23. Double beam spectrophotometer
24. FPLC (Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography)
25. Ice maker
26. Digital refrigerator-freezer (-20 oC)
27. Sampler (0.5 to 1000 µl)

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