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[September 2009]
Using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy to predict the corrosion resistance of unexposed coated metal panels
Pages 8-34
F. Louis Floyd, Sundaresan Avudaiappan, Jason Gibson, Bhaumik Mehta, Pauline Smith, Theodore Provder, John Escarsega
Corrosion Science
[September 2009]
In situ measurement of corrosion on the nanoscale
Pages 1569-1572
N. Birbilis, K. Meyer, B.C. Muddle, S.P. Lynch
Corrosion control of mild steel using 3,5-bis(4-methoxyphenyl)-4-amino-1,2,4-triazole in normal hydrochloric acid medium
Pages 1628-1635
Fouad Bentiss, Charafeddine Jama, Bouchaib Mernari, Hassan El Attari, Lamia El Kadi, Mounim Lebrini, Michel Traisnel, Michel Lagrenée
Study of the electrochemical behaviour of nanocrystalline zinc by statistical methods
Pages 1685-1689
Guozhe Meng, Lei Zhang, Yawei Shao, Tao Zhang, Fuhui Wang
Corrosion of magnesium and its alloys
Pages 1733-1737
L.J. Liu, M. Schlesinger
Antifungal drugs as corrosion inhibitors for aluminium in 0.1 M HCl
Pages 1868-1875
I.B. Obot, N.O. Obi-Egbedi, S.A. Umoren
Electrochimica Acta
[October 2009]
Oxide formation and conversion on carbon steel in mildly basic solutions
Pages 5727-5738
W. Xu, K. Daub, X. Zhang, J.J. Noel, D.W. Shoesmith, J.C. Wren
Effect of ZnO modification on the performance of LiNi0.5Co0.25Mn0.25O2 cathode material
Pages 5796-5803
Rui Guo, Pengfei Shi, Xinqun Cheng, Ling Sun
Preparation and electrochemical properties of functionalized ionic liquid self-assembled modified graphite electrode
Pages 5909-5913
Changli Zhou, Yuxin Zheng, Zhiying Li, Zhen Liu, Yanmin Dong, Xin Zhang
Journal of Protective Coatings and Linings
[July 2009]
Materials and Corrosion
[July 2009]
Progress in corrosion protection as a requirement for technical progress
W. Fürbeth, M. Schütze
Current and future corrosion challenges for a reliable and sustainable development of the chemical, refinery, and petrochemical industries
F. Ropital
Carbon dioxide corrosion inhibition of N80 carbon steel in single liquid phase and liquid/particle two-phase flow by hydroxyethyl imidazoline derivatives
X. Liu, Y. G. Zheng, P. C. Okafor
Microstructural characteristics and corrosion property of non-chromate surface treatments on AZ91D magnesium alloy
B. Chen, Q. Li, H. Gao, J. M. Fan, X. Tan
Chloride threshold for corrosion of galvanized reinforcement in concrete exposed in the mexican Caribbean
L. Maldonado
Journal of Coatings Technology and Research [September 2009]

Hong Zhou, Fei Li, Jun Wang and Bao-de Sun 

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